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Christopher J. Uriarte
Address and Telephone Contact Upon Request
Personal Email:

Nationality: American

What I Can Help Your Business Do
  • Build your product and services from the ground-up
  • Consult in the operational and technical build-out of your organization
  • Determine how you can grow your business operationally, including full operations setup in foreign geographies
  • Assist in corporate M&A due dilligence activities
  • Assist in any phase of a product or service buildout, including conception, design, implementation and operations
  • Speak, moderate or emcee at your event or conference
Home Base and Ability to Travel
    New York City and Miami with the ability to travel and work globally (15 years experience in true global organizations, including full-time overseas assignments). Previous approvals for long-term work visas in the United Kingdom and Canada. Significant experience working within various foreign business environments, particularly Western Europe, China, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and South Korea.
    English (Native), French (Advanced working knowledge)

Awards of Distinction
  • InfoWorld CTO 25 Award (2007) - Recognized as one of the twenty-five most innovative technology executives in the country in 2007. This annual award honors "the 25 most influential and innovative individuals holding the CTO position'. The 2007 recipients include CTOs from Motorola, 3Com, Credit Suisse and Verisign.
  • InfoWeek Magazine "Hot 30 Under 30 Award' (1998) - Awarded to the most innovative technology professionals under the age of 30.
  • American Express Special Chairman's Award for Excellence (2012, 2013) - Awarded to less than the top 1% of performers, company-wide.
  • American Express Pinnacle Award, President's Award (2013) - Highly prestigious award presented to eight top performers throughout each of American Express's major divisions.
Appointments, Past and Present
  • Board of Advisors, Direct Response Forum (DRF) - The global industry association representing the world's largest merchants who accept Internet, mail order and telephone order payments
  • Director, Fusion Recruiting Labs Inc., Red Bank, NJ
  • Director, Dynamic Vision Ventures Inc., Miami, FL
  • Director, Retail Decisions, Inc.
  • Member, Advisory Board - Golden Gate Software, Inc., San Francisco, CA.
  • Member, Advisory Board - Oracle Corporation, Redwood City, CA.
  • Member, Advisory Board - Clearsale Corporation, Sao Paulo, Brazi
Areas of Expertise
  • Payments, payment processing, credit card processing, cyber security, payments fraud, payments risk managment, banking technology
  • International business, international operations, global deployments and implementations
  • Enterprise payments (card present, card-not-present, debit, bank transfer, alternative payments, mobile payments)
  • Enterprise technologies, particularly mission-critical retail, financial and banking systems (infrastructure, systems, software, security)
  • Payment-focused fraud prevention and risk management (technologies, systems, operations, products and services)
  • Development of technology-driven products and services from the ground-up
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Due-diligence and Integration (Part of over 20 acquisitions, mergers or spin-off deals)
  • Intellectual property-related services (patent development, analysis, construction, etc.)
Professional Overview
  • Strong history of successful product & technical innovation and implementation of complex, business-critical products and services. Developer of several products and services often categorized as "industry leading' or "industry changing'.
  • Particular expertise developing business-critical, mission-critical and real-time solutions within the financial services, communications and retail sectors.
  • Unique combination of expertise with the software, systems and business processes required to support the most complex information technology environments.
  • Significant experience developing and growing global infrastructures, utilizing distributed resources across multiple continents.
  • Strong background in disciplined fundamentals required to develop and operate complex system infrastructures including architecture, systems development, software development lifecycle, project management, quality assurance, system operations, and systems support.
  • Diversified experience developing ASP/SasS/SOA services, as well as traditional "boxed software' products.
  • Significant experience with core business functions, including budgeting, strategic planning, ongoing fiscal management, strategic vendor negotiation/management and asset management
  • Excellent management and staff development skills. A hands-on team players whose natural leadership abilities help motivate fellow team members. Particular success achieving maximum productivity and performance from small or resource-constrained organizations.
  • Superb interpersonal communication skills. Accomplished public speaker and presenter.
  • Ability to guide an idea from initial conception, though all phases of business justification, design, development, execution, delivery and ongoing management.
  • Dynamic, energetic personality.
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