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Just the facts, Jack:
  • A career product and technology development professional specializing in creating and deploying industry-leading products and services. Specialist in the payments and credit card industries.
  • Resident of Hoboken, the unique one-square-mile community on the banks of the Hudson River, directly across from Manhattan (and now, happy to report that 2 of our last 4 mayors are not in federal prison - here's to progress!). You can experience Hoboken yourself through my Hoboken-tagged photos on Flickr.
  • More-than-frequent traveler, having flown over 2.5 million miles since 2001
  • Checkered career past includes: four years as a Dairy Queen short order cook and ice cream slinger; three years as an amateur and semi-professional concert promoter; Assistant Editor at, Ski Magazine and Skiing Magazine; founder of two failed businesses that made no money; co-founder of one semi-successful business that was partially sold, netting essentially no money after debts; co-founding management member of a company that went public, then was sold again and taken private; member of advisory board to a $26bln software company; former board member and advisor to two companies sold to $20bln+ software companies; one year as pizzareia bus boy; three years as adjunct professor.
  • Obsessive about:  snowboarding, good food, New York Giants football, New York Yankees baseball, travel (for pleasure - not business), airline and aviation geekery, London, personal and enterprise technologies, the payments and credit card industries, p90x, photography, music.
  • More details can be found in my professional biography on this site site, as well as my brief (but somewhat inaccurate and outdated) biography that appears on WikiPedia.
Notable accomplishments:
  • Co-creator of the first mechanized system and processes to register web-based content with the US Copyright Office, resulting in the first certificate-of-copyright ever granted to an entire Internet website. The system and website ( were designed in collaboration with my former business partner, Lewis Kurfist, in collaboration with Intellectual Protocols, LLC.
  • Developer of the first commercially-deployed two-factor authentication system for open web-based applications. The system utilized FIPS-level 3 Fortezza cards and was developed for Dow Jones Markets, in collaboration with Netscape Communications Corporation and Litronic Corporation.
  • Former architect, co-designer and executive in charge of ReDShield, the world's premier system used to detected credit card fraud on the Internet, utilized by the world's largest retailers (WalMart, Kmart, Sears, Macy's, Bloomingdales, Kohls, Tesco, Foot Locker - just to name a few) and author of the pending patent behind its core technology. In a related action, methods utilized by ReDShield were tested for patent infringement in the landmark US Federal Case, Cybersource Corporation vs. Retail Decisions. The case was successfully defended in our favor through, both, the United States District Court for the Northern District of California and the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, setting significant precedent for how software and business method patents should be treated by the USPTO and the Courts. The case is considered by some legal scholars as one of the most important intellectual property rulings in recent times.

contacting me via email.

My personal email address is (and has always been):

But, to quote John Gruber, of daringfireball fame:

    Unfortunately, I am at times a lousy correspondent - where by 'at times', I mean 'most of the time'.

    If I don't respond to your email, or do so only after an inordinate amount of time has passed, please don't take it personally.

The honest truth is that, if it's not work-related, I can be an enigma at times. This is a result of me incessantly traveling to all ends of the globe, coupled with the fact that I fall off the face of the earth from time to time when I get overwhelmed by the rest of the world around me.

Let me apologize in advance. To quote George Costanza's ex-girlfriend:

contacting me via fax and snail mail.

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