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Just the facts, Jack:
  • A career product and technology development professional specializing in creating and deploying industry-leading products and services. Specialist in the risk management, fraud, security, payments and credit card industries.
  • Resident of Hoboken, the unique one-square-mile community on the banks of the Hudson River, directly across from Manhattan (and now, happy to report that 2 of our last 4 mayors are not in federal prison - here's to progress!).
  • More-than-frequent traveler, having flown over 2.8 million mile commercially.
  • Obsessive about:  snowboarding, road cycling, good food, New York Giants football, travel, airline and aviation geekery, watches, personal and enterprise technologies, the payments and credit card industries, photography, music.
  • More details can be found in my professional biography on this site site.

contacting me via email.

My personal email address is (and has always been):

But, to quote John Gruber, of daringfireball fame:

    Unfortunately, I am at times a lousy correspondent - where by 'at times', I mean 'most of the time'.

    If I don't respond to your email, or do so only after an inordinate amount of time has passed, please don't take it personally.

The honest truth is that, if it's not work-related, I can be an enigma at times. This is a result of me incessantly traveling to all ends of the globe, coupled with the fact that I fall off the face of the earth from time to time when I get overwhelmed by the rest of the world around me.

Let me apologize in advance. To quote George Costanza's ex-girlfriend:

contacting me via fax and snail mail.

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